New Promo CD Issued with Kylie Minogue Parfums

There is a new promotional CD being issued with purchases of Kylie fragrances at Superdrug in the UK!

The CD, which is intended to promote Kylie 25, contains four of Kylie’s recent hits which are as follows:

1. Love at First Sight

2. I Believe In You

3. Get Outta My Way

4. All The Lovers

Kylie currently has ten fragrances on the market, Darling, Sweet Darling, Showtime (& Showtime Sparkle), Sexy Darling, Couture, Pink Sparkle (& Pink Sparkle POP), Dazzling Darling and Inverse for men.
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Jon said...

"Inverse" for Men? Now there's an appropriately-named product for Our Princess's gay fanbase! But seriously - who ever spends £25 in Superdrug, for heaven's sake? Jx

Anonymous said...

I live in the states and bought some Inverse online for like 10 bucks. best cologne ever

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Oooh, yet another one! Great for the collection, but we JUST got the Darling CD (finally) about a month ago! Oh well, this one shall be ours too in due time ;) Thanks for the heads up sweetie!!!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Ooops - I mean the Pink Sparkle CD - we got the Darling CD ages ago ;)