Kylie: Anti-Tour Is In The Works!

"I really like the idea of an anti-tour. It would be really great to do tiny, intimate shows; no dancing, no lights, there's nothing flash about it. (I'd be) performing songs that would never ever, ever have a hope in hell of being in a show like this. (It would be) only fan-known B-sides or songs that I've just done once." -Kylie (last month via Daily Express)

Today Kylie tweeted this...

So it seems that the Anti-Tour is in the works! A very happy day for Kylie lovers around the world!


YAY! See you on Twitter #antitour! Be sure to send your recommendations to @kylieminogue 

UPDATE MARCH 5th 2012 

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Such a fantastic idea - hope she films this!!!

(Every artist should do this - imagine Madonna doing "Promise To Try", Cher doing "Still" or of course Kylie doing a ballad version of "I´ll Still Be Loving You")!

Marky Marc said...

Now Your talking! YES! Must be filmed! I would ♥ "I'll Still be Loving You"!