The X Factor USA Extended Promo

The X Factor USA extended promo aired on FOX tonight, and we finally hear a few of the so-called good singers actually SING.

The promo begins with the bad singers and chaos backstage and eventually shifts to a more aspirational tone featuring two singers at the opposite end of the spectrum. Rachel, a spunky thirteen year old girl who says her family has no money, and Stacey, a 42 year old single mom who once suffered at the hands of an abusive husband.

With all the build-up in previous promos about these two, I have to say when I finally heard them both sing–I was pretty underwhelmed, despite the look on Simon’s face as if he was watching the second coming of Susan Boyle. Both have old-school Idol voices. Remember when loud was the new good? Both sing at full throttle, without a ton of control. If these two are the best Simon and company have? We’re in trouble...

Meet the new Seacrest, Nice!...

We are ready for the X Factor USA!

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