Kylie Lauches 'Dazzling Darling" Campaign

Watch the 'Making Of' a campaign for Kylie's new perfume Dazzling Darling. This is the fourth fragrance in the Darling family...

It is a mild fragrance with extracts of orange, jasmine and vanilla was developed especially for women who want to shine. Dazzling Darling is now available in Australia and some European countries.


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marnie.harrison said...

Amazing. She looks beautiful as always x

Henry said...

Wow - love the photos (and the perfume of course looks as glam as the others).

I was going to buy some of her bed linnen a few months ago - but they were just SO expensive! Looked amazing though!

(BTW: I keep having problems leaving feedback on your page for some reason).

Marky Marc said...

@Henry...I changed the comment posting back to the pop up box. Hope that helps :)

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Works like a charm now :)

Marky Marc said...

Thank you for letting me know! *HUGS* MM