WATCH: Kylie Minogue - Every Day's Like Christmas (Official Video & SAW Remix Video)

Kylie Minogue just dropped the video for her new, Chris Martin-penned Christmas single, Every Day’s Like Christmas. Let's head over to Kylie's place for a Christmas Celebration!


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Directed by David Lopez-Edwards
Editor: Chris Morris

Kylie Minogue’s real life boyfriend, British actor Joshua Sasse (star of ABC series Galavant) appears in her video for “Every Day’s Like Christmas,” and the pair couldn’t be cuter together if they tried. Somehow seeing Kylie so happy makes us happy — and, quite frankly, everyone should be happy at the holidays, so there’s that solved.

“Every Day’s Like Christmas” is a tune penned for Minogue’s Kylie Christmas album by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. 

Stock Aitken Waterman, the production trio behind Kylie’s first albums, reunited with the singer for a super poppy, classic ’80s-sounding remix of the single.

It’s all so cheery, isn’t it? If we’re to be honest, this is surprisingly shaping up to be our favorite Minogue era in years.

by Robbie Daw (Idolator)

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MarnsLovesKylie said...

She looks so happy. I love that. ❤️