LISTEN: Kylie Minogue – ‘Every Day’s Like Christmas’ (Stock Aitken Waterman mix)

It’s the greatest Q4 gift of all: the best song on Kylie’s Christmas album, remixed by the three wise men who shoved Charlene into the pop spotlight back in 1988.

For younger readers, there was a point in music history when Stock, Aitken and Waterman basically did all the best pop music for about five years — they were responsible for 70 Top 10 hits, which is even more than Rihanna, and sold over 40m records, which is even more than Adele’s ’25’ (correct at time of writing).

This is SAW’s first single release in a quarter of a century and Pete Waterman has described working again with Mike and Matt as “a hoot”.

The result? Well, in the very best way possible, it sounds exactly like you’d expect, and in these turbulent times sometimes that’s just what you need.


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Glen McCallum said...

This is so much fun. I wish people would stop criticizing Kylie's moves and just enjoy this warm hearted moment. Kylie doesn't need to top the charts anymore, she is well cemented in the foundations of World Pop and is pure Royalty in the music industry. Merry Kylie Kissmas x