Kylie In Hong Kong on The Style Map

On a recent trip to Hong Kong, Kylie reunited with her touring crew AND received a beautiful silk gown. 
Here is a repost from Kylie's latest Style Map Blog:

by Kylie Minogue
Being back in Hong Kong is always exciting. It holds a lot of memories, as I’ve visited so many times over the years—either to stay for a few days, to work, or as a stopover between Oz and England. I do miss the Blade Runner-type landings at the old Kai Tak airport, where the planes had to fly so low before landing you could see into Kowloon apartment windows (some great photos can be found here).
My most recent trip was last week for a private gig. The show was great, and it was so good to be reunited with my touring team once again. I stayed at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, and they took amazing care of me and my crew. My only regret? I didn’t have time to enjoy Hong Kong or the hotel. After-show drinks with my band and dancers in the Captain’s Bar did hit the spot, though! As did the beautiful black and orange silk gown presented by the general manager. Naturally, this went straight on, as I sashayed to said Captain’s Bar. I think I received more compliments on my loungewear-as-outerwear silk gown than anything in recent memory. So thanks, Hong Kong. Until next time!
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