FIRST LISTEN: Kylie Minogue Teams Up With Laura Pausini For "Limpido"

It’s been a minute since Laura Pausini made waves outside Europe (ok, more like a decade) but the Italian diva is set to grab headlines all over again by joining forces with pop legend Kylie Minogue. 

The ladies have collaborated on a track called “Limpido”, which serves as the lead single from Laura’s upcoming retrospective The Greatest Hits: Celebrating 20th Anniversary of Career. It will also be released in Spanish (“Limpio”) and drops September 10. 

Limpido (Italian/English Version)

Limpio (Spanish Version)

So who is Kylie’s fancy new collaborator? Think of Laura as Italy’s answer to Celine Dion. Her powerful pipes made her a superstar across Europe and prompted an unsuccessful but hugely endearing bid to conquer America in 2002 with her first and only English language album From The Inside. It didn’t reach the Hot 200 but still produced two number one club hits “Surrender” and “If That’s Love”, which are well worth checking out.
Download the new single here:
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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I had no idea that Kylie was doing this - what a nice surprise!

Teddi said...

This is a fab surprise, and I absolutely love this. Such a fantastic little pop song. Kylie has great vocals on this. Let's hope Kylie's vocals on the new album are in similar manner ;)

Greggles: The Mussy Tour said...

Interesting fact... you can tell they didn't pitch up her voice a half step like they usually do on her songs. If you ever get the chance to, listen to some Kylie tracks and pitch them down -1, they sound like more natural vocals.