WATCH: Kylie Minogue in Playhouse Presents 'Hey Diddly Dee'

Kylie Minogue, Mathew Horne, Peter Serafinowicz and David Harewood star in Marc Warren's dark comedy- drama, exploring egos, superstition and rivalry in the theatre.

Exploring ego, superstition and rivalry in the theatre through the eyes of Johnny (Horne), a despairing stage runner and understudy with big dreams, Playhouse Presents: Hey Diddly Dee is set during last-minute rehearsals for a West End biopic of Andy Warhol.

Johnny suffers the arrogance and rudeness of star of the show Roger Kite (Serafinowicz). He insists Johnny heats up his coffee, organises his fan mail and, most importantly, keeps the theatre's lucky black cat Diddly away from him.

Eager to impress, Johnny is at first obedient but when Roger humiliates him in front of the rest of the cast, Johnny's resentment grows. He suffers a crisis of conscience as voices urge him to ensure Roger misses opening night. But when tragedy strikes Roger, whose fault is it? Johnny's? Roger's embittered ex-lover? A faulty trap door? Or the theatre's 'lucky' cat?

Special Thanks to Hannibal for uploading and Mike for sharing at Say Hey!
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