KM2013: Kylie Not Set To Change Her Style

Kylie Minogue says she won't be rapping on her next record

Kylie Minogue has insisted Jay-Z won't be guest-rapping on her new music despite signing up to the star's management company Roc Nation.

Kylie, who has been recording her new album, said fans shouldn't expect her to change her style or music genre.

"They've got a diverse group of artists, producers and writers, it's very different, very exciting, a lot of change to get used to," she said of Roc Nation.

"But I don't think I'm going to arrive in a jacked-up car or anything with my baseball cap on!"

Asked about the prospect of Jay-Z rapping on one of her songs, she said: "I should think not. Well, certainly I won't be, there could very well be someone else doing that, but not me!"
Kylie said she doesn't have an answer to how she's managed 25 years of fame.

"I honestly don't know. I do know that it's a lot of hard work and it's persistence and it's how you cope with the failures as well. But I also think that it's just my path. It's out of my control, it's the path the universe has written for me and therefore I try and do my best within that."

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Very good news! I was getting a bit worried that she would do the whole Kylie featuring some rapper featuring some other rapper featuring some female rapper etc. We do not want her to turn into bloody Mariah! But I'm sure she will deliver yet another great record. Just wish she would hurry up and give us the first single ;)

Jon said...

Phew! No J-Z is very good news indeed. We don't want Kylie turning into anyone but Kylie! Jx

Marky Marc said...

There is a RUMOR going around that the album could be released this summer!

ConfideInMe_KM said...

I still dont understand why so many Kylie fans were freaking out and thinking she was going to end up making a rap album Kylie, you know she is going to turn it out like she always does and it's going to be amazing

Nate said...

I'm so excited! Some amazing producers on board!!