WATCH: Kylie Wows Cosmetic Executive Women Event

On Novemeber 16th, Kylie Minogue was interviewed by Trish Halpin, Editor of Marie Claire. She told guests of her other passion – her family of fragrances. Enjoying a 5th year of International success since the launch of her first fragrance 'Darling', developed in partnership with Coty, Kylie talked about her career in the entertainment industry and how this journey lead her into the world of fragrances and her latest perfume “Dazzling Darling” – a deliciously light and captivating scent, with notes of pink pepper, soft rose and sandalwood. She spoke of her involvement with their creation and how each fragrance captured a particular moment and mood in her life.

Kylie showed herself to be a true Cosmetic Executive Woman, with her profound understanding of the beauty world, coupled with her passion for perfume!

WATCH: Kylie wows the audience at this Cosmetic Executive Women (UK) event in London...

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