Kylie 'On The Go' to Japan

"Tokyo and Osaka, your #Aphrodite is coming! I am here for you and am bringing lots of love! #AphroditeJapan" 
-Kylie Minogue via twitter

Have a safe trip, Kylie! We know that you will turn it into love...

Kylie arrives in Tokyo

The Australian newspapers are reporting that in addition to the "Aphrodite" tour, she will also make a surprise performance at a dinner to raise funds to Japan, along with Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

Kylie's love for Japan goes way back in time...

The Disco in Dream Tour is the debut concert tour by australian recording artist Kylie Minogue. The tour supported her first two studio albums, Kylie (1988) and Enjoy Yourself (1989). The tour took place in Asia, and after in Europe the tour would be re-titled as The Hitman Roadshow (sponsored by Coca-Cola) and advertised as The Coca-Cola Hitman Roadshow, as free concerts to "thank British fans' support", although the content was the same, and nothing was changed, except for the name of the tour.

The tour was released on PAL home video in 1990, which featured mixed footage from all concerts, plus a documentary inserted between tracks. The video, entitled Kylie On the Go - Live in Japan, was also released in Japan on laserdisc.

You have come a long way, Princess!♥

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I will never understand why "Turn It Into Love" wasnt a worldwide single - such a great track.

I remember watching the VHS of "On The Go" - I was horrified! Terrible, terrible release (although it didnt stop me in buying the DVD from Brazil years later...)

Marky Marc said...

@Henry...yep same thing happened to me. Found "on the go" at Tower records one day...It was K, so had to get it...shocked at how bad it was, she has come so far!