Kylie Minogue Confesses A Love For American Junk Food

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"I love greasy diner food and bad coffee"
On Sunday I revealed that I would be participating in a teleconference interview with the AMAZING Kylie Minogue today and, as expected, I was only able to ask one question … but I did get to listen in on the whole 30-minute convo that Kylie shared with all of us interviewers and learned a bit of exciting news from the goddess herself. The full transcript has not yet been made available but read below some of the tidbits that I am dying to share with all y’all.

I was able to ask Kylie what her favorite thing to do in the US that she cannot do anywhere else in the world … and she immediately revealed that she loves our “greasy diner food” and “bad coffee”. I have to say, our fast food/junk food is unmatched in the rest of the world and I LOVE that Kylie can appreciate and love our delicious offerings ;) I know I, for one, would LOVE to treat her to an amazingly delicious and thoroughly greasy meal at Outback Steakhouse when she comes to the US this month. She also revealed that she loves the anonymity she enjoys when she is here in the states. Here is some other info gleaned from Kylie in today’s interview:

* When asked about a new album, Kylie confessed that she honestly isn’t really thinking about a new album just yet … but she is entertaining new song collaborations with other artists AND is seriously considering an “anti-tour” that would be a stripped down, bare bones concert that would feature diehard fan favorite songs. She mentioned specifically b-sides, unreleased/leaked tracks, cover songs … songs that would NEVER be featured in a major tour production. She revealed that a tour like this would be fairly easy to put together and make a reality … the only difficulty would be in song selection.

* She is currently LOVING Britney Spears‘s new song He About to Lose Me (a bonus track on the deluxe version of her just-released new album Femme Fatale) and ALL of the songs on Adele‘s new album 21.

* She is “very excited” about the notion of doing a residency in Las Vegas. Because she cannot bring her massive stage (complete with waterworks and Splash Zone) to the US, she is very interested in the idea of settling the show in Sin City for a while so US fans can see the massive production up close.

* When asked about her pre-show rituals on tour, Kylie revealed that she likes to do a “shot of Scotch” to calm her nerves.

The interview was only 30 minutes long and everyone on the line did get to ask a question … when the full transcript is made available, I will post it for sharing here on the blog. Kylie will bring her Aphrodite Live 2011 Tour here to the US on April 29 so GET YOUR TICKETS to see this amazing woman LIVE in concert! Trust me, it’s a concert experience you do NOT want to miss!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

It would be amazing if she would do an "anti-tour", performing just fan favourites. Actually, I can think of a few artists that really NEED to do a tour like that - especially Pet Shop Boys!