Kylie And Giorgio's "Right Here, Right Now" Jumps Up to Number 2 on Billboard Dance Chart

On the cusp of his first Billboard dance chart single in decades the Italian producer along with Australian pop star, the "Right Here, Right Now" remixes jump from Number 4* to Number 2* for the week of 4/11/15!
Listen & Enjoy the Brand New Whiiite Remix:

Whiiite fuses hip-hop beats, big room swells and aggressive lead work with maximal impact, keeping Kylie’s signature vocals in check whilst upping the adrenaline considerably. It’s an unapologetically frantic take on the otherwise polished electronic disco number for Sony, but Whiiite’s stamp of festival proof anarchy adds a welcome dimension to the track’s ever-extending shelf life.

Stream the second batch of new remixes on Spotify, click here!

Could "Right Here, Right Now" reach the Number One spot next week? Stay Tuned! :)

thanks to ProMotion and Dancing Astronaut

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