It's Official: Kylie Minogue Leaves RocNation For Pastures New

The news many of her fans were expecting and most were hoping for: Kylie Minogue has left her management team at Roc Nation after two years. 

The Australian pop princess signed up with the management group in 2013 and during that time released her twelfth album Kiss Me Once, a world tour and DVD. Her fans’ criticism of the deal has mostly focused around the fact the management team didn’t seem to understand who she was as an artist. In an official statement Minogue kept it classy and said:

“I’ve had an amazing time with Roc Nation and it’s been fantastic to team up with them over the last two years. We got together at a period in my life when I wanted to shake things up.

“I loved collaborating with Roc on the Kiss Me Once album, world tour and DVD and have made great friends in the process. I’m now looking forward to my upcoming Summer gigs and embarking on new adventures.

“And I want to thank everyone at Roc Nation who have been on this incredible ride with me.”

On top of that news, Kylie has also fulfilled her contract with record label Parlophone, so it looks like 2015 will be all to play for. We’re looking forward to Kylie’s summer festival dates in the UK and her second collaboration with Fernando Garibay and Giorgio Moroder, which is said to be around the corner.

by SILVAN (Pop Sirens)

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Jon said...

That is a relief! Another big year for Kylie ahead, methinks... Jx

umaneo said...

Thank goodness, they just seem so...common.