KM2013 TEASER PICS: Kylie Is Busy Busy Busy in the Studio!

Our girl wants us to know that she is BUSY in the studio recording her new album in NYC. The last few days Kylie has been tweeting and instagraming some fun teaser photos. (You know, she loves to tease us!) So we thought we would post them here in case you missed them. The anticipation for Kylie's 12th studio album is GROWING.  
Back to work!
#tunes #stargate
Current residence
Cheers Kylie! We cannot wait!
Stay tuned. :)

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Jon said...

Is that really your blog advertised on that hoarding? Where is that? Jx

Marky Marc said... secret location!

Anonymous said...

Still thinking what would the album sound like... I really think it should top Aphrodite.