Beyoncé gets behind Kylie Minogue's latest bid to crack America

Here is a repost from the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid. Not to sure about how true it is...
but a fun laughable read. Enjoy...

Beyoncé has taken Aussie singer Kylie Minogue under her wing to help the star finally crack the US market.

Kylie signed a surprise management deal last year with Roc Nation – the company founded by Beyoncé’s husband Jay-Z – and it was the Single Ladies star who made it happen.

‘Kylie hadn’t long announced her semi-retirement from music when Beyoncé intervened and got her on board,’ said our spy.
‘She quickly convinced Jay-Z to get a contract drafted up and made sure the lawyers sealed the deal before anybody else had a chance.
‘Now, she’s unofficially mentoring the Spinning Around star, overseeing her transition from camp to cutting-edge.’

Despite racking up more than 68 million sales since her 1987 debut, Kylie’s last two singles failed to make the UK Top 30.
The 44-year-old was recently spotted arriving in LA for what appeared to be a long stay. Now Beyoncé, 31, is introducing her to friends and contacts.
‘This could be described as her pet project,’ our source added. ‘Not least because Kylie still hasn’t fully cracked America. With the Roc Nation team involved, it could be epic.’
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Angel Love said...

How generous of Beyonce to guide the career of Ms. Minogue. Because you know after 25 years she probably still needs lots of help........LOL. #IThinkNOT!

Marky Marc said...

Agreed! :)

Jon said...

Regardless of commercial sales, everything Kylie produces still sounds 100 times better than the pap Mrs Carter does... Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I'm sure that Kylie could teach Beyonce a thing or two - not the other way around.

Jon said...

Yes - like how not to fall down stairs... Jx