LISTEN: Kylie Minogue Releases "Whistle" In The US

Kylie Minogue along with múm has released the song "Whistle" from the Soundtrack of the movie "Jack and Diane" ...It is a digital download only and is OUT NOW at iTunes/ in the US.


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The song is featured as one of MTV's Buzzworthy tracks!
"Whistle" is obviously not single material - it begins with the line "I bleed like a pig" - but it is absolutely gorgeous. Imagine if Enya smoked peyote and then tried to cover Bjork for some idea of the demented, ambient magic that unwinds over the next six, languid minutes of aural perfection. This is so different and so beautiful. Just what I needed to get interested in Kylie again before she returns with a pitch-perfect pop album later this year - Mike from poptrashaddicts

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