Kylie is Back in the Studio with Fernando Garibay!

Music producer Fernando Garibay (who has worked with Enrique Inglesias, Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, Natalia Kills, U2 and Lady Gaga) posted a photo on Twitter yesterday of himself in the recording studio with Kylie Minogue. 

It is believed that he is producing tracks on her next album which should be out later this year.
Earlier in the day...Kylie tweeted some cool pics in a high-visibility neon dress with the hashtag #HiVisSwish
Could this be for the album? A video? A cover shoot? What do you think?
Very exciting KM2013 times, stay tuned for all the latest!

and a Happy Valentines Day from
the ShineOnAndOn blog!
Special Thanks to Barbarella's Galaxy and MarnsLovesKylie!♥

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Emanuel said...

I hope a wonderful album!!!!!

MarnsLovesKylie said...

So exciting. Happy Valentines Day to you too. Xx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Oh my - I must find a shirt that matches THAT dress!!! Me loves, hope it is for a new video!!!

Marky Marc said...

OMG! I was thinking the exact same thing! I want a leather jacket like that! :D

Marky Marc said...

Thanks Marns! Back at ya :)

Marky Marc said...

It will be! :)