K25: The Biggest Year Of Kylie Minogue

K25: The Biggest Year Of Kylie Minogue

In 2012, Kylie celebrated her 25th year in showbiz with surprises and gifts for her fans. From the Anti-Tour to Timebomb to The Abbey Road Sessions and a new 'Tweet to Unlock' surprise every month and more...much more. 
Step back in time and check out the full list of K25 Events Below!

25/01/2012 Finer Feeligs (K25 Surprise)
30/01/2012 Best Hits (Sexy Darling CD Promo)

14/02/2012 Stylist Magazine
21/02/2012 Brit Awards
25/02/2012 On a Night Like This (K25 Surprise)

03/03/2012 Sydney Mardi Gras
14/03/2012 Kylie at Home (Spring/Summer Collection)
15/03/2012 Fifi and Jules Interview
18/03/2012 Anti Tour (Melbourne)
20/03/2012 Anti Tour (Sydney)
23/03/2012 F1 Rocks
25/03/2012 I Don't Need Anyone (K25 Surprise)
29/03/2012 The Complete Kylie (Australian Relaunch)
01/04/2012 Manchester (Anti Tour)
02/04/2012 Manchester (Anti Tour)
03/04/2012 London (Anti Tour)
20/04/2012 Jack & Diane
25/04/2012 Cherry Bomb (K25 Surprise)

23/05/2012 Cannes (Holy Motors)
23/05/2012 Who Were We? (Holy Motors Soundtrack)
24/05/2012 amfAR Cinema Against AIDS
25/05/2012 Timebomb (K25 Surprise)
25/05/2012 Timebomb (Digital Single)
28/05/2012 Timebomb (Live at The Voice UK)
29/05/2012 Glamour Awards 2012

01/06/2012 Hamish and Andy Show
01/06/2012 Alan Carr Show
04/06/2012 The Best of Kylie Minogue (CD, CD+DVD)
04/06/2012 Diamond Jubilee Performance
13/06/2012 The Best of Kylie Minogue (Japan Edition)
20/06/2012 The Soup
20/06/2012 Chelsea Lately
20/06/2012 ExtraTV Interview/Perez Hilton
21/06/2012 The Morning Show
22/06/2012 Fashion Police
23/06/2012 NYC Pride
25/06/2012 Mardi Gras Performance (K25 Surprise)
26/06/2012 SiriusXM KTU Interview
28/06/2012 What Happens Live
28/06/2012 French festival Cinéma Paris
29/06/2012 O2 Silver Clef Trophy Award

01/07/2012 Glamour Magazine UK
10/07/2012 Timebomb #1 on Billboard Dance Chart USA
16/07/2012 Timebomb (Physical Limited Edition Single)
25/07/2012 The Loco-Motion (K25 Surprise)
26/07/2012 Believe In You Exhibition

03/08/2012 Locarno Film Festival
14/08/2012 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Party
14/08/2012 My Year as Aphrodite
25/08/2012 Beat The Intro (Bonus K25 Surprise)
25/08/2012 Tightrope (K25 Surprise)

07/09/2012 GQ Men of the Year awards 2012
08/09/2012 BBC Proms In The Park
11/09/2012 Official 2012 Calendar
16/09/2012 The Herald Magazine
25/09/2012 Flower (K25 Surprise)
25/09/2012 Flower (Digital Single)

02/10/2012 Rio Festival 2012
05/10/2012 Whistle At The Rain (Jack & Diane Soundtrac)
11/10/2012 BBC Radio 2 (Part 1)
11/10/2012 New York Film Festival
12/10/2012 The Wendy Williams Show
18/10/2012 BBC Radio 2 (Part 2)
22/10/2012 The Q Awards 2012
24/10/2012 The Abbey Road Sessions (Japan)
24/10/2012 Prince Charles Dinner
25/10/2012 Come Into My World (K25 Surprise)
25/10/2012 Flower (Lyrics Video) (Bonus K25 Surprise)
26/10/2012 Time Capsule
26/10/2012 The Abbey Road Sessions (Australia)
28/10/2012 The Jonathan Ross Show
29/10/2012 The Abbey Road Sessions

01/11/2012 Le Grand Journal
02/11/2012 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi
07/11/2012 PWL Albums Remastered
08/11/2012 The One Show
12/11/2012 Flower (Physical Limited Edition Single)
13/11/2012 Dancing With The Stars
14/11/2012 Tonight Show with Jay Leno
18/11/2012 Strictly Come Dancing
19/11/2012 Fashion
23/11/2012 The Chris Evans Show
25/11/2012 Slow (K25 Surprise)
27/11/2012 Am Manager Awards
28/11/2012 Fashion Launch at Harrods
30/11/2012 Kylie: Sing & Dance

01/12/2012 K25 Advent Calendar (Dec Surprise, lots and lots of goodies)
01/12/2012 Metrosource Magazine
01/12/2012 Benissimo Finale
03/12/2012 Royal Variety Performance
06/12/2012 X Factor Italy Finale
08/12/2012 X Factor UK Finale
09/12/2012 Rod Stewart's Christmas Special
11/12/2012 Nobel Peace Prize Concert
13/12/2012 Project Runway All-Stars
15/12/2012 Berlin Charity Gala
21/12/2012 Alan Carr: Chatty Man
21/21/2012 Kylie and Jason Reunion (Hit Factory Live)
31/12/2012 Sydney New Year's Eve

Whoop! That's Our Girl!
 Most of these events are covered in the blog (as well as lots of other goodies), click on the month above (highlighted in blue) and it will take you directly to that archive in the blog.
 Enjoy the K25 Memories!

Thank you, Kylie! #K25 has been a year that we will Always Remember
Truly Magical. ♥
The ShineOnAndOn Blog would like to thank ALL the contributors, sister Kylie fan sites and Lovers from all over the world, without you we are nothing! We appreciate your shares, likes, tweets and comments. Thank you for your support.
Thanks for Shining ON with US!
Happy New Year!
Stay Tuned for Kylie 2013!

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MarnsLovesKylie said...

What an amazing year it has been. Here's to 2013. I hope it is a great one for you Marc. Xx

Marky Marc said...

Thank you! Cheers to 2013!

wingo44 said...

thanks for this year!!!!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Fans have truly been spoiled this year! What a way to celebrate the 25th.

Happy 2013 - I look forward to your fabulous Kylie posts in the new year! HUGS

Beckingham said...

How can I download that Timebomb Mix??? It is to die for!!

Marky Marc said...

that mix was done by the Fantastic @matiassegnini!

Marky Marc said...

Special thanks to you and Jon too for your fab blogs...and for getting me into blogging!
♥ HUGS....Happy 2013!

Peter Thanh Ly said...

Earlier today I thought about the 2012 and how it was such a horrible year for me i had tears dripping from my eye and it wasn't happy tears. Just now i looked at the calender of K25 and i am struggling to type right now. It reminded me of so many proud, happy, excited, emotional and lovely moments that now when i think about 2012 i honestly and truthfully could not have made it through :( it's a bit sad and scary and i don't wanna think about what would have been but just so damn proud that Kylie has been my Role model and inspiration in life and this year i owe a lot to her! Thank you Kylie if u ever read this! Also a big thank you to Marky Marc and Shine On and On Team and Affiliates who have contributed to this site I am so thankful to have you guys making life easier for me! I have gotten so many free valuable music downloads and videos i am just so grateful for it. The theme for 2013 will be "Shine on And On" as it will remind me everything in 2012 and give me motivation to keep Shining!. Btw check out my Instagram @TanaciousLy i have plenty of Kylie Tributes. Peace out Lovers and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!