FIRST VIDEO: Kylie and Jason TOGETHER Especially For You

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan teamed up for their first live performance in two decades of their hit Especially For You.
The former Ramsay Street sweethearts performance was the centrepiece of Friday night's Hit Factory Live concert in London as they presented their much-loved number-one duet.
The duo was introduced by Pete Waterman, one of the creative minds behind Especially For You. "Twenty-five years ago I had a dream ... that we would still be singing songs 25 years later. And one song in particular," said Waterman.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Jason and Kylie."


Thanks to Jon, Dan Hill and KylieSparticus for the video, Gav for the DL link!

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Jon said...

I so wish I could have afforded to be there!

H from Steps seemed to have been terribly excited by it all :-)


Marky Marc said...

Whooop! Loving! Thanks...added that video to the post! :)