WATCH: Kylie Shines At "Holy Motors" Premiere In UK

Last night was the London premiere of Holy Motors a film by Leos Carax which stars our girl Actress Kylie. Attending the premiere in a Dolce and Gabbana gown Kylie looked every bit the star that she is as the following pictures show.
WATCH: Kylie Minogue brought the glamour to a West London cinema, Tuesday for the UK premiere of 'Holy Motors,' a disorienting, whirling dream of a movie by French director Leos Carax.

"Holy Motors" opens on September 28th in the UK.
For more info on the movie, Click here!

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Jon said...

She certainly did add some glamour to the event (in Mayfair, hardly "West London" but I digress). She apparently didn't stay for the film, but went for dinner with Andres instead! I know which I'd prefer... :-) Jx

MarnsLovesKylie said...

Simply stunning. She looks amazing in these pictures. Xx