WATCH & LISTEN: Kylie Minogue - Proms In The Park 2012

Kylie’s performance at Proms in the Park was
Epic. Incredible. Amazing. Brilliant. 
A Masterpiece.
She’s better known for her disco dance anthems than an orchestral symphony, but last night Kylie Minogue proved that she can do it all as she dazzled audiences at Proms in the Park.
The Australian goddess of pop took to the stage in Hyde Park and was joined by the BBC concert orchestra.
Kylie said: ‘I'm delighted to be performing at one of the UK's most outstanding nights of the musical calendar, and to sing in front of thousands of people whilst being accompanied by the legendary BBC Concert Orchestra in such a special year is truly a dream come true.’
Listen to the Full Audio Below
01 - On A Night Like This
02 - Finer Feelings
03 - Can't Get You Out Of My head
04 - I Should Be So Lucky
05 - Slow
06 - Wow
07 - I Believe in you
08 - Flower
09 - Spinning Around
10 - The Locomotion
11 - All The Lovers

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Special thanks to Kane at Say Hey!

Watch the Concert in-full HD:
Watch the Videos:
On A Night Like This Finer Feelings Can't Get You Out Of My Head   I Should Be So Lucky Slow Wow    I Believe In You Flower Spinning Around The Loco-motion   All The Lovers

Download Video:
(DVD files of the whole show in separate files.)

On A Night Like This
Finer Feelings
Can't Get You Out Of My Head
I Should Be So Lucky
I Believe In You
Spinning Around
The Loco-Motion
All The Lovers

Thanks to Iryna Kim and Oksana for recording.
Top Artwork by Kylie Minogue Peru, Bottom Artwork by Ellectrika
Cd/Dvd Artwork by Kane
Special Thanks to Kane, The Legend of Say Hey!

This is 'Kylie The Artist', 
so glad the public get to see what we fans have been seeing for the past 25 years.
We Are Proud Kylie Lovers!

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Maxence Thiébaut said...

God thank you, thank them, thank Her!

MarnsLovesKylie said...

So amazing. I can't stop listening to it. Xx

JORDS said...

PLEASE release that in MKV!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Thanks so much for the download - cant wait for the full video!

Teddi said...

This is amazing, can't wait to watch this! I am sure she sounded amazing and she looks stunning in that red dress. Always a diva!

JORDS said...

Any chance we can get this as just one long MKV? Sorry to be annoying, it's just easier to watch on my TV like that.

Thanks :)

Jon said...

Nothing quite beats the experience of actually having been there... Jx

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for posting all the links Marc!
xoxo Stephanie

wingo44 said...

great!! thanks for this page!!!!!

Alexandre Gomes said...

I can't download those songs: Can't get you... and The Locomotion. Please, repost.