LISTEN: Kylie Minogue - Waiting 4 The Sun (Kiss Me Once Demo)

An unreleased song from Kylie's Kiss Me Once sessions has surfaced on line. 
Here is "Waiting 4 The Sun!"
Produced by Alter Ego (it first appeared on his SoundCloud), Australian DJ Tommy Trash and The Runners, “Waiting 4 The Sun” is a sweeping synth-ballad that finds the iconic diva in a hopeful mood. “I’ll be standing by your side, I’ll be here waiting for the sun to rise,” she declares before a massive electronic breakdown. It packs an epic punch.

Source: and,
thanks to Anthony D'Reys for the artwork!

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Luke Williams said...

Hello! I am a subscriber to this blog, and I am enjoying everything that is posted here. ShineOnAndOn has inspired me to start my own Kylie blog, which you might want to check out at but I would just like to say that this blog is an entertaining and clever celebration of Kylie Minogue. Whoever is managing this blog must be a die-hard Kylie fan!

Marky Marc said...

Thanks Luke! Yep a 25+ years Kylie lover here. Good luck with the new blog...Looking good! Kylie Inspiration! Peace & Love, Marc :D