LISTEN: Kylie Minogue - "I Was Gonna Cancel" (Official Remixes)

Kylie will release “I Was Gonna Cancel” on May 12, the second single to be taken from her recent album “Kiss Me Once” which charted at number two in the UK.

The new single was written and produced by Pharrell Williams in the US last year. Kylie has recently discussed in interviews that the song came about because she really was going to cancel - she was having a bad day and wasn’t going to go to the studio, but after arriving and shedding a few tears in front of Pharrell, he was inspired to write the highly acclaimed track.

We're very happy to have the likes of Moto Blanco, KDA, The Presets, Rene Amesz and Maze & Masters on remix duties.

KDA is the man on everyone's lips, whose residency at Rinse continues to soar in popularity.

Australian band 'The Presets' join the party with their version which has taken the blogosphere by storm.

Rene Amesz brings the big room house vibes, with rolling thumper by the Toolroom stalwart

And finally, after remixing Foxes, Malinchak and Secondcity, Maze & Masters throw their hats in the ring with a finely cut deep house stomper.

Listen & Enjoy:

1. Moto Blanco Club Mix

2. KDA Remix

3. The Presets Remix

4. Rene Amesz Remix

5. Maze & Masters Remix
6. Moto Blanco Radio Edit

7. Moto Blanco Club Instrumental

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Waiting for format details (the CD and 7") - hopefully we will get a B-side!

Jon said...

I do love The Presets' version - haven't heard the others so far. Jx

Marky Marc said...

Chris Ramage said...

hope this hits number 1or 2 in the uk charts its a great song.