WATCH: Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido/Limpio (Official Videos & Behind the Scenes)

Here they are, the All-New official videos from 
Laura Pausini & Kylie Minogue - Limpido/Limpio
Laura Pausini - LIMPIO with KYLIE MINOGUE (Spanish):
Laura Pausini - LIMPIO with KYLIE MINOGUE (Spanglish):
Behind the Scenes:

Limpido, is set to be released on vinyl on October 22nd.
Tracklist includes:
Side A:
Limpido ft Kylie Minogue
Limpio (Spanglish Version) ft Kylie Minogue
Limpio ft Kylie Minogue

Side B:
Limpido (Solo Version)
Limpio (Solo Version)
Pre-order the vinyl single on Amazon here
Buy the single now on iTunes here

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Thanks to @IrynaKim at LiveLearnShineOn for Screencaps and Kane Walker at Say Hey for the Vinyl release info! ♥

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Jon said...

That is a lovely video for a great song - I think "Limpido" is by far Miss Minogue's best creation of the year so far. No doubt because it has absolutely nothing to do with the godawful Roc Nation... Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I didn't really expect there would be a video, so this is a nice surprise. And I agree with Jon, this song is by far her best new song since the Aphrodite album (except for the fabulous "Flower", obviously) :)

I guess we won't get a new album this year after all - but surely in 2014!

remo luca said...

will this ever be on a physical release. i want a hq audio file, and it doesn't seem to be anywhere on the net...

Marky Marc said...

it is on ITunes now, and a vinyl release is coming...Check blog above for updated info :)

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Wish there was a CD single of this, but it is very cool that there will at least be 12" - although 37 USD for a 12" is quite expensive...

Teddi said...

Fantastic to see there is a video, did not expect that. I agree with you John, it is the best she has done this year. Hope the album is more in this direction and less in the direction of Skirt