Kylie To Release "Flower" As A Single!

After years of waiting, our dream will finally come true! 
A Kylie fan favorite will be released as a single...
According to the new release schedule published on Music Week, this beloved song written by Kylie will be the K25 surprise for September and also will be included on the Abbey Road Sessions album!

Flower is to be released as a single on September 24th/25th! (It’s not clear which yet) and it is also not yet known if it is to be a Physical or Digital release.
The song, written by Kylie and Steve Anderson, was first performed during the X2008 Tour and remains a highlight for many fans. The single release may explain reports of Kylie visiting an estate in Cornwall and the need for confidentiality agreements of those surrounding the visit. Kylie even Tweeted a photo of flowers during the visit, no doubt hinting at the song!
Confirmation from Kylie...!
Stay Tuned for more Details!
Special Thanks to Kane at SayHey, Kyliesque, KylieUnlimited and Silvanemesis

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!! Funny, we were just talking about it this weekend what a shame it was that this song was never officially released! It is such a great song, fingers crossed there will be an actual single!

Teddi said...

OMG! This is a dream come true. I so hope there will be a physical release

Marky Marc said...

I am SO freaking happy Flower is gonna be released! Could a Big Beautiful Ballad (showcasing her stunning vocals!) be the biggest hit of her career??? Wouldn't that be a hoot!!!