It's Still True What They Say...

It's Better The Devil You Know
Exactly 25 years ago, Kylie Minogue released the song that was a milestone in her career and concidered by many as pure pop perfection.
 'Better The Devil You Know' was released on April 30, 1990.
"Better the Devil You Know" was written by Stock, Aitken & Waterman for Kylie Minogue's third studio album Rhythm of Love. The song was released as the album's first single in April 1990, and its music video helped Minogue break out of her early "girl-next-door" image.
The video directed by Paul Goldman was filmed in Kylie's hometown in Melbourne away from the constraints of PWL and debuted at number 5 in the UK charts. The next week the song shot up to the number 2 position which became Kylie's 10th top 5 single in the UK and 12th worldwide.

Better the Devil you Know also hit the number 1 spot in Israel, made it to number 4 in Australia and Malaysia, number 5 in Finland, number 11 in Spain and went top 40 in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Sweden and Switzerland.

To date, Better The Devil You Know is played religiously every Saturday at 12:30 at the club GAY in London.

The song, which group Steps re-recorded in 1999, was included on the soundtrack of the movie "If Looks Could Kill" as well as an Australian Coca Cola commercial starring Kylie in 1990.

One of the most epic performances of Better The Devil You Know was during the 1998 edition of the Sydney Mardi Gras .

Kylie performed the song with the participant of the 2007 edition of British X Factor, Leon Jackson. Jackson was the sister of Kylie (Dannii Minogue) as a mentor, eventually winning the program.

The B-side to BTDYK, I'm Over Dreaming (Over You) , was recently sung in the Anti Tour.

The song is part of the soundtrack of the Kath & Kimderella movie, released worldwide on September 6th 2012. It was re-recorded in 2011 at the Abbey Road Studios for inclusion on Minogue's orchestral album The Abbey Road Sessions.
Click on title below to relive Kylie's memorable performances of  Better The Devil You Know in the last 25 years...

"It was the sexiest song of the day, the best dance recording of the moment." 
-Pete Waterman
Happy Anniversary to One of the Greatest Songs of All-Time!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

What a fabulous tribute to one of the best pop songs ever written!

This has to be my favorite Kylie song as well. As much as I love songs like "Confide In Me" and "Spinning Around", this one is just the best!

It almost reminds of Madonna's "Vogue". They are nothing a like, but both these songs were released the same year and they are so tightly produced and very cool examples of perfect pop music. They both showcase the artists extremely well, and they both had amazing videos!

I remember one summer back in the early 90s. I had just gotten the Greatest Hits CD by Kylie, and BTDYK was on repeat on my walkman the whole summer. Such an absolute classic and of Kylie's many, many perfect pop moments!

Teddi said...

Could not have said it better

Marky Marc said...

Ditto! :)