Kylie Minogue's "Put Your Hands Up" NUMBER ONE in the USA!


Kylie Minogue has scored her 5th #1 in a row on the Billboard Dance Chart with Put Your Hands Up. The Aphrodite album had already spawned three #1 dance singles in the U.S. with All The Lovers, Get Outta My Way and Better Than Today. Kylie also topped the chart with Taio Cruz on Higher.

Congrats, Kylie! You are #1 In The USA
Your Loyal Stateside peeps Love You!

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I'm the butcher's masterpiece said...

Hey when I last look there Britney was number one if it's change i'd be really happy. Is it true?

Marky Marc said...

Seems it is for next weeks chart! Source:

Ted C. said...

Actually, it's her fifth consecutive #1. Are you forgetting this?:

Marc said...

Do it, girl!!!! Kylie rocks and it's tremendous validation for 'Aphrodite.' A great CD that didn't get the support it deserved.

Marky Marc said...

Thanks Ted...I updated the post! :)