Born To Express Love

An incredible mash-up by Mr. Robin Skouteris "Born To Express Love"...

Lady Gaga Vs Madonna Vs David Guetta - Born To Express Love (Robin Skouteris Mix) by Robin Skouteris

Remix by Robin Skouteris.
Download the complete VS5 album here

no copyright infringement intended. For promotional purposes only.
thank you, Robin Skouteris

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

My favourite unofficial remixer! I heard this mash up a couple of days ago. I just dont seem to like BTW that much though - hoping that the album will deliver better stuff. A radio station here in Reykjavik has been playing "Dance In The Dark" a lot in the last few weeks - sounds amazing on the radio and so much better then BTW. Oh well - that's what you get when you try to rip off a Madonna classic!